The delivery of your goods is not time critical? Do you need to import a certain quantity of goods, but your order is not enough to fill a whole container? Why not consider consolidating them within a groupage service?

This is a very cost-effective way of getting slightly less urgent goods to your business and if your order is not enough to fill a whole container, you don’t need to pay for an entire container. Our sales team will calculate your shipments costs for the space required and allocate your goods to a vehicle. Through outsourced connections we can deliver your goods to any European destination thanks to our Import and Export networks covering all major EU cities.

Express Transport offers “European & UK groupage”. This means we’ll let other businesses add to your container until it’s full, in this way you only pay for the share of the container that you use. This is a very cost-effective way of getting slightly less urgent goods to your business. The groupage services which we provide to all destinations in Europe, allow you to forward various freights in small shipments.

Apart from normal transportation, we offer groupage services for hazardous or for refrigerated goods. You can rely on the European network for logistics for forwarding any kind of shipments with low volumes to every destination in Europe.

We also provide, not only for the Groupage service but for all our transportation services:
  • Customs clearance support
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Proof of delivery for every shipment
  • Email and SMS status updates
  • Electronic invoicing – one invoice for all services
  • Fast delivery of time-sensitive freight


** Customs clearance is obligatory for goods either entering or leaving the EU. In the UK, it involves HMRC inspecting import and export documentation for compliance with EU law, and accounting for any charges that may be due. Our Customer Service Team  is familiar with the complex and constantly changing international regulations and legal frameworks and can help even you reduce your import and export costs and eliminate delays.

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