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Are you and your vehicle prepared for the Winter months?

With a fleet of vehicles that are needed on the road in the dark winter weather, there is a larger risk of problems. The entire vehicle performance can be affected by freezing temperatures, and roads can become treacherous. However, cold weather in the UK tends to stay within certain boundaries and is therefore fairly predictable –  meaning we can plan ahead. Here are a few ways you can ensure your van is prepared for the colder months:

Tyre pressure

A poorly inflated tyre will not only drain fuel more quickly but also presents a danger, especially on roads that are also likely to be icy or wet in the winter weather. Indeed, cold weather causes tyre pressure to drop faster than usual, so check regularly. Check your handbook for full details, but the tyre pressure should be somewhere between 30-35psi.

Check that there is little perishing on the tyres and that each van has a spare tyre plus the appropriate tools (jack, nuts etc.) so that you can actually change it should problems occur. In addition, your tyre tread should be at least 3mm in depth.

Engine coolant/antifreeze

Filling the radiator to the appropriate level is simple, even for someone who knows nothing about cars. Fill it at the correct level (to the warm level when warm etc.), and make sure the ratio of coolant to water is correct.

Don’t be too concerned if you overfill it slightly. It’s more dangerous if it’s underfilled, and the engine overheats, cracking the radiator and seals and possibly rendering the car unusable as the engine lets fluids flood into places they shouldn’t.

Windscreen washer/de-icer

Obviously you’re much more likely to use these in the cold weather, so make sure that you have a supply on hand. Don’t be tempted to drive off while your windows are still misted up, as your peripheral vision could be obscured – a dangerous circumstance.


If the temperature is particularly brutal in your area and drops below freezing, you might consider swapping to winter oil, which is slightly thinner and flows more easily. Thicker oil can make it harder to start the engine, which is difficult enough already in winter. recommends using a 5W oil for the colder seasons.

 Be mentally prepared

Allow yourself a little more time to get to destinations, and drive slowly while allowing greater distance between yourself and the vehicles ahead. Corners, especially on roads that have not been gritted, should be taken especially slowly. Brakes should be applied in a sparing manner, and if skidding does occur steer into it rather than away. Try to plan your route beforehand and stick to motorways and A-roads that are more likely to have been treated by gritting lorries.


Make sure you have a spare mobile phone and charger, water and food, blankets, first aid kit, and a warning triangle somewhere in the vehicle. A torch should be kept in the glovebox. Some people alleviate the risk of getting stuck in snow or on ice by carrying a sack or ragged material that can be placed under tyres to give them traction. If you’re newly leasing the vehicle, bring these items with you in the hope that none of them will be required.



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Undercover lorry to target "fatal four" motoring offences

For the last three weeks, officers have been patrolling the roads in a lorry to target what they call the “fatal four” motoring offences: using a mobile, drink or drug driving, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

The unmarked HGV gives cops a better vantage point to see motorists texting at the wheel or watching movies on their mobiles. Equipped with flashing lights, the white lorry has been instrumental in catching out other dangerous drivers as part of Operation Allied Wolf, code-name of a road policing operation across Devon and Cornwall.


“With Bluetooth in cars people aren’t using mobile phones up to their ear as much as they used to, but we know that people use it to stream videos and check social media activity and to even update social media while they’re driving.

The elevated view you get from the cab of the truck is really, really important to be able to detect offences, to be able to see a mobile phone in a drivers lap. It’s another tactic. It’s something else we’re prepared to use. We’re prepared to innovate to keep people safe.”

– PC Ian Griffiths. Devon  Cornwall Police


Chief Inspector Leisk said: “Operation Allied Wolf has proved itself to be a very effective tool for improving road safety and also for providing an excellent opportunity to educate road users about unacceptable driving behaviours. We urge the public to play their part in keeping our roads safe by driving within the speed limit, always ensuring they are fit to drive, wearing seat belts and not being distracted when driving.”

Using a hand-held mobile while driving has been illegal for a decade and is subject to three penalty points and a £100 fine, rising to a possible £1,000 on conviction in court. But Government figures show the number of accidents in which mobile phones and texting have been contributory factors has soared by 21% in only three years.

Drivers must understand that if their judgement is impaired because of these factors, then being “under the limit” will not prevent them from being arrested and possibly prosecuted.

Apart from the fatal-four offences mentioned the undercover lorry has even caught a fellow lorry driver cooking a meal on a hob in his cab.

Sources: Plymouth Herald, Daily Mail UK



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Last Royal Mail posting dates before Christmas 2016

Last Royal Mail posting dates before Christmas 2016

If you are sending Christmas cards and gifts to your loved ones using the services of Royal Mail you need to make sure you post them on time. For all your other bigger deliveries you have us, we do our best to deliver in a safe and timely manner even in December.

Postal services Royal Mail has issued its recommended postage times for both UK and international deliveries. If you want to make sure your items are delivered by December 25, these are the dates you need to keep in mind:

Recommended posting for the UK

DatesUK Services
Tuesday 20 December2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Wednesday 21 December1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Thursday 22 DecemberRoyal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®
Friday 23 DecemberSpecial Delivery Saturday Guaranteed




Recommended posting for international destinations

DatesInternational Economy (formerly known as Surface Mail)
Wednesday 28 SeptemberAll non-European destinations (except Middle East,
South Africa, Far East,the USA and Canada)
Thursday 29 SeptemberMiddle and Far East (except Hong Kong and Singapore)
Thursday 13 OctoberSouth Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and Canada
Thursday 3 NovemberEastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Iceland
Thursday 17 NovemberWestern Europe


DatesInternational Standard (formerly Airmail) and all International Tracking and Signature Services (formerly Airsure® and International Signed For®)
Saturday 3 DecemberCyprus, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), Turkey, Malta
Thursday 8 DecemberCaribbean, Central & South America
Saturday 10 DecemberGreece, Australia, New Zealand
Wednesday 14 DecemberCzech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Thursday 15 DecemberCanada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Friday 16 DecemberAustria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Saturday 17 DecemberBelgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg


DatesContract Surface Air Lift
Friday 11 NovemberSouth America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Far East, New Zealand, Australia
Friday 18 NovemberUSA, Canada, Middle East



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Road freight on the threshold of ‘systemic change’

A new report by market research company Transport Intelligence has said that the European road freight industry is “on the threshold of a period of systemic change which will transform operating models and disrupt markets.”

The report said that there are several alternative fuels currently being developed which, although cannot compete with fossil fuels, will have “the potential to transform the industry.” According to the research, manufacturers are spending “huge sums” in battery technology, and it appears “inevitable” that the largest trucks will be able to use this kind of power in the next five years.

However, the report said that despite the UK experiencing growth, the road freight market still remains “muted”. Estimates show that the European road freight market grew by 2.5%  (in nominal terms) last year, which is less than 2014 at 2.8 per cent.


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Eurotunnel sets new freight record

Groupe Eurotunnel has set a new record for freight traffic.

The group said Le Shuttle Freight carried 1,483,741 trucks between 1 January and 25 November the same number as in the whole of 2015, which was itself a record-breaking year.

In the first ten months of 2016, Le Shuttle Freight grew by more than 12%, largely outperforming the market, which only increased by 5%.

Eurotunnel commercial director Jo Willacy said: “Our business creates extraordinary value for our customers who are themselves confident in their outlook for 2017. The investment programme we have pursued will ensure that we are able to continue this growth through the coming years.”

Source: Published in

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Groupage, an option for transporting your goods

Let’s say you have goods you need to ship but they are not enough to fill an entire load. Why should you have to pay for empty space? If time is not pressing let us suggest you consider the option of GROUPAGE.

What is Groupage?

Groupage is when we group your goods together with other client’s consignments that share the same destination so that they can make up full containers. You will normally be charged by the cubic meter. This is also known as consolidation and it is the cheapest and most efficient way to transport goods.

The fact that your goods are shipped with a lot of other freight doesn’t mean they are in danger of damage or of being misplaced. Each consignment is tagged individually and handled with care so there can be no error.

Our Groupage service is available across all European countries including Norway and Switzerland. We use numerous carriers who specialize in certain countries allowing us greater flexibility and reliability plus we have a multilingual Customer Service that will walk you through ever step of the process, from collection to delivery.

Apart from normal transportation, you can use the groupage option for hazardous or for refrigerated goods. You can rely on the European Logistics Network for forwarding any kind of shipments with low volumes to every destination in Europe.



So is GROUPAGE the best option for your needs?

The answer will depend on the volume of items that you need to ship and where they are going to. If you are not sure we are here to help you make the right choice.

Use our SAME DAY QUOTE FORM right now and we will contact you with a tailored quotation. Express Transport Ltd can offer you a competitive rate while maintaining a high-quality service.

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3 benefits of hiring the right Logistics Company

Hiring a competent logistics provider is a quality-cost smart decision that will help you focus your company’s resources into growing your business.

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