Let’s say you have goods you need to ship but they are not enough to fill an entire load. Why should you have to pay for empty space? If time is not pressing let us suggest you consider the option of GROUPAGE.

What is Groupage?

Groupage is when we group your goods together with other client’s consignments that share the same destination so that they can make up full containers. You will normally be charged by the cubic meter. This is also known as consolidation and it is the cheapest and most efficient way to transport goods.

The fact that your goods are shipped with a lot of other freight doesn’t mean they are in danger of damage or of being misplaced. Each consignment is tagged individually and handled with care so there can be no error.

Our Groupage service is available across all European countries including Norway and Switzerland. We use numerous carriers who specialize in certain countries allowing us greater flexibility and reliability plus we have a multilingual Customer Service that will walk you through ever step of the process, from collection to delivery.

Apart from normal transportation, you can use the groupage option for hazardous or for refrigerated goods. You can rely on the European Logistics Network for forwarding any kind of shipments with low volumes to every destination in Europe.



So is GROUPAGE the best option for your needs?

The answer will depend on the volume of items that you need to ship and where they are going to. If you are not sure we are here to help you make the right choice.

Use our SAME DAY QUOTE FORM right now and we will contact you with a tailored quotation. Express Transport Ltd can offer you a competitive rate while maintaining a high-quality service.

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