Hiring a competent logistics provider is a quality-cost smart decision that will help you focus your company’s resources into growing your business.


You can try to internally take care of all aspects of your business – but your business will grow at a much slower rate because of it. You can choose to hire an in-house team of consultants to take care of the transportation and logistics aspects but this option usually proves to be very costly. Smart business owners are realizing that fast growth and effectiveness come hand by hand with smart outsourcing.

Hiring the services of a competent logistics provider will help you focus your resources on growing your primary business and is the smarter option when considering  price-quality correlation.

Saving time and resources

The right logistics company can handle almost all of your business needs. Outsourcing your logistics will save you time and money since you’ll be eliminating the research time, paperwork, infrastructure and transportation requirements while securing the correct and timely pick-up and delivery of your goods.

Expert knowledge and Efficiency

A good logistics company has the experience and the know-how to simplify your processes and, in most cases, save you money. When you hire them you’re getting the knowledge they’ve accumulated over years of working with clients and handling the right freight channels to make moving goods in a timely, secure and efficient way flow flawlessly, resulting in a higher quality of service for your customers and lower costs for your business.

Scalability and Convenience

When your business experiences times of increased demand of goods from your customers, hiring the services of a competent logistics and transportation company means you can fine-tune your logistics needs according to the seasonal influxes of your business without worrying about allocating extra resources. You’re allowing a team of experts to have full control of the entire shipping and transportation process for you, from start to finish, delivering the goods your customers are waiting for.

Finding the right logistics company is to gain a partner that can focus on logistics and transportation management in a way that most businesses can’t do internally.


Why can Express Transport Ltd  be the best logistics partner for your business?

  • We have +30 years of experience working and talking logistics in Europe.
  • We have an experienced and multilingual staff that is available 24/7 to answer your questions and to make sure your goods go from A to B in a timely and secure manner.
  • We can offer you a competitive rate while maintaining a high-quality service.
  • We have an extensive logistics network covering all Europe.


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